Specialized in Solid Surface Bath-ware OEM Manufacturing since 2003.

Wu Shaoqun

Artist, designer, educator and brand developer, Wu ShaoQun’s career and interests have mirrored the journey of his motherland, as China and its people balance the traditional with the modern and the cultural with the commercial.

Over the years, ShaoQun has become increasingly compelled by the relationship between brand and product. He is blending design with marketing vision. Employing brand identity as inspiration and combining design intent with marketing strategy in harmony, to establish a sense of unity and uniqueness to the product and the brand.

When developing a new product, is ShaoQun a sculptor or an industrial designer, when developing a new logo, is he a calligrapher or a graphic designer? In his heart, ShaoQun would answer “an artist”, as an entrepreneur his answer may be different. “My greatest blessing is my uniqueness, this allows my works to standout, to be outstanding. My advice to any aspiring designers… The unique designer is the best.”

ShaoQun’s other interests of pottery and calligraphy have been widely exhibited at museums and fairs, while regularly featured in the media and the recipient of numerous awards. His designs have won local and international awards including Red Star Design Award (China) and IF International Design Award (Germany). ShaoQun has founded several studios and businesses, he is also a guest professor and lecturer at renowned institutions and universities.


When thinking of bathing, one thinks of water and fluidity. The droplet is both the most elementary form of movement and the recognised symbol for water.

Developing “Tear”, we explored the extended taper and its contribution to the comfort and relaxation of the bathing experience. A contour was added to enhance shadows to the tub flanks and to highlight the lustrous nature of VIS’ ResinStone material.

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