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Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-S06

Freestanding Bathtub BS-S06

Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-S83

Freestanding Bathtub BS-S83

Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-S25

Freestanding Bathtub BS-S25

Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-315

Freestanding Bathtub BS-315

Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-317

Freestanding Bathtub BS-317

Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-Q03

Freestanding Bathtub BS-Q03

Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-S17

Freestanding Bathtub BS-S17

Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-S23

Freestanding Bathtub BS-S23

Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-S24

Freestanding Bathtub BS-S24

Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-S30

Freestanding Bathtub BS-S30

Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-S82

Freestanding Bathtub BS-S82

Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-S84

Freestanding Bathtub BS-S84

Artificial Column Basin BS-L3

Pedestal Basin BS-L3

Artificial Column Basin BS-L12

Pedestal Basin BS-L12

Artificial Column Basin BS-L13

Pedestal Basin BS-L13

Artificial Column Basin BS-L2

Pedestal Basin BS-L2

Artificial Column Basin BS-L15

Pedestal Basin BS-L15

Artificial Column Basin BS-L16

Pedestal Basin BS-L16

Artificial Stone Art Basin BS-H10

Top-mount Basin BS-H10

Artificial Stone Art Basin BS-H11

Top-mount Basin BS-H11

Artificial Stone Art Basin BS-H334

Top-mount Basin BS-H334

Artificial Stone Art Basin BS-H336

Top-mount Basin BS-H336

Artificial Stone Cabinet Basin BS-800-8

Vanity Top BS-800-8

Artificial Stone Cabinet Basin BS-1000-3

Vanity Top BS-1000-3

Artificial Stone Cabinet Basin BS-H6

Vanity Top BS-H6

Artificial Stone Cabinet Basin BS-H14

Vanity Top BS-H14

Artificial Stone Stool SD102

Shower Stool SD102

Artificial Stone Stool SD103

Shower Stool SD103

Artificial Stone Shelf ST407

Accessories ST407

About Bella Stone


A professional manufacturer of Solid Surface and Artificial Stone bathroom-ware, BellaStone Company Ltd. has built a reputation for quality and innovation since 2003. Located in Foshan the bathroom-ware heart of China, BellaStone Company Ltd. has an advanced 28,000 square meter production facility with an annual capacity of 10,000 bathtubs and 24,000 basins, employing 100 skilled workers and technicians. BellaStone Company Ltd. has grown to be one of China’s leading solid surface bathtub exporters resulting in economies of scale and a competitive advantage.

“Quality, Consistency and Professionalism” is both our motto and goal. Due to the company’s endless creative energy and reliable quality, BellaStone Company Ltd. is honored to be selected by several international bathtub brand names as their OEM manufacturing partner. Together, BellaStone Company Ltd. with such industry elites have established a well-trained team and comprehensive procedures to manufacture to demanding standards. Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs are incorporated into every stage of our manufacturing and production.



Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Mangrove Tree

Mangrove Tree, Sanya

The St. Regis Shenzhen

The St. Regis, Shenzhen

Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa

Renaissance Resort & Spa, Sanya

OEM Service



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    One of BellaStone’s greatest strengths and benefits offered to our clients, is the ability to work hand in hand to develop unique OEM designs and exclusive product ranges.

  • Over the years, complex designs that might not be attempted by other firms, have been created and verified using the latest CAD software. Once the designs are signed off by the client and the Bella Stone technical team, CAM files are created for production of mould components using five axis CNC machines.

  • Bella Stone specializes in the production of complex moulds including multi-piece break-away moulds for designs with negative draft/rake and concave curves.


BIG5 Dubai 2014

BIG5 Dubai 2014

VIS, the premium in-house brand of BellaStone prominently attended the BIG5 Trade Show in November.

Growing Pains - Bella Stone New Factory

Growing Pains - Bella Stone New Factory

With growth in both our client base and product range, Bella Stone has established a new manufacturing facility to facilitate this growth and to comply with and exceed tightening Government Environmental Regulations.

HD Expo Las Vegas 2014

HD Expo Las Vegas 2014

The team at BellaStone had the opportunity to spend time with North America's great and the good of the hospitality design and construction industry by hosting a booth at this years HD Expo.

MCE Milan 2018

MCE Milan 2018

Bella Stone attended the MCE Show in Milan, Italy in March 2018. On display, was a suite of dual colour tubs, pedestal basins and basins.

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