Alcove Bathtubs: What you have to understand

There are a couple of alternative ways to categorize bathtubs, and one common way of categorizing tubs is by installation method. The foremost common of those is that the alcove bathtub. the fundamentals of those frequently used tubs are fairly simple, but it is vital to know the characteristics of an alcove tub before purchasing one for your bathroom.


Also referred to as a fitted or recessed bathtub, an alcove tub is one that matches between three walls. While other tubs like drop-in and undermount tubs also can be fitted in these spaces, these tubs haven't any finished sides and must have a base constructed around them so as to be installed. On the contrary, the front apron of the alcove bathtub covers the exposed sides, which adding support and elegance to the bathtub.


Other Common Bathtub Installation Methods

While alcove tubs are the foremost popular bathtub style because they work well with showers and are inexpensive, they're far away from the sole option. Other sorts of bathtub installation methods include:


Corner: These are very almost like alcove tubs only they're designed to suit during a corner. As such, the rear two sides are unfinished, and therefore the front side has an apron. The front may feature two sides connected with a 90-degree angle sort of a traditional tub, a good curve, or three sides with two 135-degree corners. These are often utilized in bathrooms that have insufficient space for a standard tub and are often shaped differently than standard tubs, so it is a good idea to take a seat in these tubs before buying them to make sure you are feeling comfortable in them.


Freestanding: These are often installed anywhere (not just against a wall) because they support their own weight. they have a tendency to require up more room than other baths and are often very deep, making them excellent alcove tubs. the foremost popular models are traditional clawfoot bathtubs that have supports under the bathtub.


Drop-in: Another great option for those trying to find a soaking tub, drop-ins haven't any finished sides and need a frame to support the body, which features a rim that sits above the platform. While the installation is complex and therefore the frame is often a touch expensive, they provide a greater level of customization than most other styles, and therefore the platform also can provide additional storage.


Undermount: almost like drop-in tubs (only there's no rim fitted above the installation area), these offer an equivalent style and storage benefits and are similarly costlier and difficult to put in. Drop-in tubs can sometimes be installed in an undermount style, but they're also are undermount-specific bathtubs that will only be installed during this manner.



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