Corner Freestanding Bathtub-Corner Beauty of Your Bathroom

Modern corner bathroom features a simple, clean, and sleek corner freestanding bathtub set placed in the corner of a bathroom and near windows set against white, sheer, or marbled blinds in the same corner. The contemporary look is completed with stylish stainless steel hardware on the faucet and showerhead to match the tub finish. The tub is placed in the corner of the bathroom facing the window where a clear, or frosted, mirror is mounted. This design allows the tub and its finish to be viewed from almost any angle. It makes the tub very functional as well as fashionable.


A popular alternative to the corner freestanding bathtub placed in the corner of the bathroom is to use a tall, slim design in the space instead of the usual rounded shape. Taller designs add height and provide more room in the bathroom. Shorter styles are much more practical for a small bathroom. Gray, white, or frosted glass windows framed in black molding, black brushed chrome, or silver hardware on the faucet, showerhead, and/or handles create a modern look that accents the tub rather than overwhelming the area.


A bathtub is just one aspect of a traditional bathroom that is often modified for modern purposes. In addition to the tub or shower, porcelain countertops are sometimes installed for extra durability and functionality. Other options include a traditional white porcelain sink and white ceramic tile floors. A unique idea that combines the functionality of a bathtub with the appearance of porcelain in a classic and traditional setting is the new concept of the porcelain clawfoot bathtubs with modern clawfoot soap operas and vintage style hand washstands that boast faucets that are mounted on the wall.


This is an updated look for your family bathroom. You'll enjoy the same great design elements as a full size tub without all the usual maintenance, and with a touch of personality added with the faucet accent pieces, it's a unique and modern take on a traditional bathroom that looks fresh and new today. Get in on the latest trend with an ultra Fsbella modern corner freestanding bathtub with a flexible porcelain clawfoot tub filler under cabinet and modern chrome faucets and accessories. Add this to your collection today !



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