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Davide Tonizzo


An engineer by training with the eye, hands and heart of an artist, like his ancestors of the Italian renaissance, Davide Tonizzo’s talents are diverse and multi-disciplined.

Born in Canada to an Italian family. Davide’s passion for automobiles soon called him to Italy where he pursed his dream of designing cars. In 1989, he began his design career at the prestigious I.DE.A Institute where he completed numerous projects for global brands such as Ferrari, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Mercedes Benz. During his Torino Days, Davide frequently visited Milan where he discovered the world of furniture and developed his second passions for furniture design and its construction.


“Working in Italy gave me a tremendous opportunity, it was there that I learned the importance of creating products with a cohesive design language that were both innovative and improved the quality of life for their user. Each product has a unique tale to tell and my role is to express that story. Finding the narrative in an object gives that object a soul.”


Today his design studio in Toronto has a diverse portfolio of work encompassing transportation products, home décor, contract and residential furniture, ceramics, bath wares and handbags. Davide has received commission from undertaken projects in of works in Europe, Asia and North America. He has won numerous awards for his work including 2 Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Awards. Davide’s projects feature regularly in the international design media.

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