How to Install a Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

Once the acrylic tile was installed in our bathroom, it had been time to put it in the bath . One of our biggest dilemmas with our bathroom remodel was the sort of tub we wanted to put in. We knew that we didn't want another tub with jets or another inbuilt tub. We were also worried that the limited space wouldn’t fit a acrylic freestanding tub while providing enough room around it to enter the bathtub.


Acrylic freestanding tubs are more popular in Europe and Canada, meaning there's limited information on the way to install them with our plumbing standards. We definitely learned a couple of things while installing this tub, and wanted to share some tips for anyone trying to find more information.


1. Selecting a drain:


We did tons of research to seek out ways to assist make the drain installation easier. We utilized an island tub drain, which allows you to put in the drain without access below employing a slip-in gasketed connection. As you set the bathtub insert into the apron, you merely line up the bathtub drain piping with the OS&B drain. Then the gasketed connection seals as you press the bathtub down. It comes with all of the piping needed to adapt a typical brass tub drain to figure with it also. it's available in multiple options to attach to either PVC or ABS drain plumbing, counting on the sort in your house.


2. Water System Lines:


Acrylic freestanding tubs require you to use flexible water system lines so you'll attach the plumbing first then set the bathtub to insert down into the apron. Flexible supply lines for bathtubs are mainly used in Canada and Europe. However, in the U.S. most flexible supply lines are for sink faucets and have a smaller diameter than typical 1/2 house supply plumbing. The flow through these smaller lines is suitable for a sink, but not for a bathtub thanks to the quantity of your time it might fancy filling a bathtub through 1/4 lines. We finally found that braided chrome steel flexible hot-water heater supply lines provide an inner diameter closer to the 1/2″ supply plumbing in your house, which can leave better water flow to fill a bathtub. Note: confirm to possess shut-off valves before the flexible lines as most local plumbing codes require.


Perks of putting in a Freestanding Bathtub


One of the simplest things about the acrylic freestanding tub is that it's easily raised and lowered from the drain. This provides quick access to plumbing if needed!


Using the flexible supply lines allows the test of installing everything before the apron is put into place. Then we could easily unhook and re-hook it to place the bathtub into the apron.



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