Step by step instructions to Install Acrylic Freestanding Tub

As yet thinking about how to introduce an acrylic freestanding tub? In the first place, think about the accompanying advances.


Stage 1: Choose the spot


Presently, you'll need to choose the opportune spot for introducing your acrylic freestanding tub. You may decide to keep it in a corner, focus, or adjacent to the window. The lone issue is the nearness to the current pipes establishment. You should recruit an expert handyman in the event that it'll require some redesigning of the lines.


Stage 2: Choose the Right Tub


There are numerous acrylic freestanding tubs available. Attempt to pick the item that will accommodate your restroom size. Plus, it ought to be interesting to the eye and durable.


Stage 3: Prepare the Floor


As we said before, ensure that your floor is in an ideal condition to accept your acrylic freestanding tub. In the event that you don't have a current channel, make one. On the off chance that your subfloor is wood, measure the size of your tub.


Reproduce the lower part of the acrylic freestanding tub on the floor. Open this part of the floor. Cut an opening that will oblige the channel and the pipes trap. In the event that the floor is concrete, you'll make a channel for the channel and plumbing trap.


Try not to neglect to cover the channel opening to shield it from soil and garbage. You'll have to play out the essential completing work on the substantial floor.

Stage 4: Place the Freestanding Bathtub


Each acrylic freestanding tub has a channel unit. Check to guarantee that the channel nut is there. Additionally, check if the waste area in the bathtub lines up with the channel opening on the floor. You can gauge the channel under the bathtub to know its degree of arrangement with the floor.


Spot the tub by the side on a cover. You can uphold it with cardboard.


Stage 5: Clean the Drain Hole


Presently, the floor is perfect. Yet, you'll need a spotless channel opening prior to introducing acrylic freestanding tub. Attempt to clear out any garbage and soil on the channel opening. You may utilize a moist fabric for the cleaning. Then, at that point, leave it to dry. At long last, pour some dry silicone in and around the channel opening.


Stage 6: Prepare the Drain Tail Piece


In the first place, place a plastic bushing on the channel tail piece. Join the channel tail piece to the freestanding tub from the base. Slide in the nuts and screw them up into the tub's channel. You may add some grease to the channel's elastic seal.


Stage 7: Install the Freestanding Bathtub


Presently, control the tub into position. Caulk the acrylic freestanding tub at its resource with the floor. Attempt to wipe off any abundance caulk with a sodden fabric.



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