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The Guide Of Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-S14 1750

The company’s success story started with Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-S14 1750.

solid surface and resin stone contributes to the outstanding quality of this product. It differs in size, color and type. It will surely accommodate customers' unique temperament and taste. The introduction of lightweight formulation enables us to provide cost-effective and high-quality product. Because of different options on solid surface and drain cap, Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-S14 1750 bears the characteristics of popular white color. Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-S14 1750 has applications in a wide range of fields, including home and hotel. We have achieved ISO 9001, IAPMO, CE. It comes with an unconditional guarantee for 5 year(s). The specifications of Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-S14 1750 can be customized according to your needs. Find what you need at https://www.fsbella.com/free-standing-bathtubs 

Bella Stone is currently perceived as a vibrant and engaged supplier in the bathroom-ware industry. During 15 years, Bella Stone has been integrating design, production, sales and service together in the bathroom-ware industry. Our customers are located in Western and Northern Europe, North America, Australia and The Middle East. Our offerings include free-standing bathtubs, pedestal basins, above-counter basins and shower trays. We keeps staying ahead of the market and our competitors demands investment in new product development. We will release new material options for our clients to maintain a competitive advantage in their local market. We provide 5 years warranty for all our products.

Bella Stone is guided by a wise principle: 'Quality, Consistency and Professionalism'. Bella Stone is always ready for customers at home and abroad.
Bella Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-S14 1750 Free-standing Bathtubs image12
Bella Artificial Stone Bathtub BS-S14 1750 Free-standing Bathtubs image12

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