The Wonderful Alcove Soaking Tubs For Your Bathroom

If you would like to show your bathroom into an expensive spa retreat then you would like to understand about alcove soaking tubs!


Adding an alcove soaking tub to your bathroom may be a good way to make a soothing and functional space you'll be excited to use.


Alcove-style bathtubs are the foremost common sort of tubs that we see in homes in our area. If you've got one in your home immediately, meaning you only that you simply wouldn’t necessarily get to spend the cash to reconfigure your layout to urge the bathtub you’re dreaming about. You just got to change out the bathtub for a deeper soaking depth!


We have noticed many of our clients seeking bathroom remodels want to require the leap to an alcove soaking tub so as to form their home more usable as they age.


A deeper tub also allows more flexibility for families with children and pets that require more room than their current tub offers.


What Are Alcove Soaking Tubs?

Alcove tubs have three sides that attached to the wall. What differentiates a daily tub from a soaking tub is that the depth and volume of water it can hold below the overflow.


A standard alcove tub will have a mean depth of 14-15 inches with a soaking depth of around 9 inches. Most adults couldn't have their bodies fully submerged during a standard size tub.


On the contrary, the depth and size of the alcove soaking bathtub can be customized according to your needs. Generally, households use a alcove soaking bathtub with a depth of 19 to 20 inches and a soaking depth of 14 inches or more.


Installing Surrounds With Alcove Soaking Tubs

If you've got been researching tubs for a while, you'll have noticed from watching different tub options that alcove soaking tubs accompany a lip around the edge at the highest, called the flange. The flange is what gets attached to the studs within the walls to secure the bathtub in situ.


After the bathtub is installed by being attached to the studs within the wall, your chosen sort of surround would be installed. With an alcove soaking tub, you'll prefer to tile down over the flange to seal the sting so water doesn’t get between the tub/shower and therefore the wall, otherwise, you can purchase alcove surround wall kits which will be installed over the sting of the flange and silicone in situ to stay the water from going where it isn’t alleged to go.



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